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This Christmas let's go back to the heart of tradition.

For over a century, our family neighborhood market & deli has been a cornerstone of our community. We've not only served up delicious food but also created a place where people gather to share stories, laughter and the joys of convivio.

This holiday season, the Petti Family invites you to celebrate our 110th Anniversary with a commemorative Christmas ornament that beautifully encapsulates the essence of our shared history.

C.M. Petti Market, Brockton's oldest deli, is where memories are made and traditions are treasured.

Reserve yours for only $15 for pick up in December at Petti's.
Reserve yours for only $25 including free December delivery anywhere Santa delivers in the US.
Paypal QR above or Venmo @Mark-Petti-65 

Send the spirit to your favorite Brocktonians everywhere Santa goes in the US. 

Stuff your face, stuff your stocking!  Like our cookies, these 3x3x3 painted resin decorations are available first-come-first-serve and they'll run out fast!

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in store pick up
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Limited Edition Petti's Market 110th Anniversary Christmas Ornament